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Brave New World: Chapters 6-10 Summary


Bernard and Lenina spent a day together, before heading to the savage reserve, in which they watch a Women’s Wrestling Championship and they have a meaningful conversation in front of the ocean (or something). The next day,¬†we see Bernard and Lenina visit a Savage Reservation, where life is vastly different to what they’re used to. They watch a ceremony where an 18 year old boy walked around a pile of snakes and was whipped multiple times, before his blood was offered to the snakes. After the ceremony, they meet Linda and John. Linda was one of the DHC’s previous lovers who had gotten pregnant before she got lost in the reserve, and John is the son of Linda and the DHC. Linda spent most of her time in the reservation losing herself to a type of alcohol called mescal, which served as a form of replacement for soma. John’s personality was influenced by three main things: The culture of the Malpais, stories of the Civilized world(told to him by Linda), and a book called ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Thanks to these things, he has a very romanticized view of the world. He agrees to leaving the Savage Reservation with Bernard and Lenina and convinces Bernard to take Linda with them. Chapter 10 ends with Bernard bringing Linda and John from the reserve and humiliating the Director.

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