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Brave New World: iSearch Project 1


Ford, in Brave New World, is almost a deity-like figure. We see the DHC say multiple times ‘Oh Ford…’ similarly to how we often say ‘Oh god…’ or ‘Oh my god…’, the word Ford is just generally used in the same sense that we would use the words ‘Lord’, ‘God’, or ‘Jesus’. Even the year that the story takes place implies this, taking place in 632 A.F. (After Ford). Ford seems to refer to Mustapha Mond, one of ten World Controllers (Specifically the World Controller in charge of Western Europe), as, when Mond is introduced, the DHC calls him ‘his fordship’. At this point in time, I seriously doubt that Mond is the original Ford but rather that he has taken up the position of Ford like a pope or other religious leader. Thinking about it, I have to wonder if all World Leaders are referred to as ‘their fordship’, or if only one World Leader holds the position…

The name  likely comes from Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and a sponsor of the development of mass production with assembly lines. He manufactured the first automobile that middle class Americans could actually afford, revolutionizing American industry, and is credited with ‘Fordism’, mass production of inexpensive goods with high wages for workers. It’s thanks to him that mass production is such a popular method of manufacturing products, using the assembly line system to make automobiles so easily.. It makes sense that the author chose the name Ford, seeing as mass production has been a pretty big theme in these first few chapters, with the way humans are created.

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