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May 11, 2015
by celinad

Inquiry 3

For my third inquiry I teamed up with Kassandra and Patrick to create a Sburb fan-session (Sburb being a video game that causes universes to be destroyed and created). So far we have planned out a lot of the smaller details of the session and have drawn outfits for each player and various scenes. In the future we will plan out a story, as well as some big events that could happen over the course of a session.

December 1, 2014
by celinad

A lot of things!

A couple of weeks ago, we had to present what we had finished of our inquiries. This presentation really helped me figure out a lot more of the details of my story



My story takes place in a world with these creatures called Anima. When a child reaches the age of ten, an Anima sort of just comes to them and then bonds to them. Every Anima looks unique because how they look is based on their owner’s personality, so people with similar personalities might have similar creatures, but theyre never exactly the same. Anima are a representation of their owner’s personalities and dreams and goals in the future etc., their souls in a sense, and they grow and develop as their humans grow. They kinda act depending on the person’s emotions, like if their owner is happy, then they’ll be happier etc.



  • Kim. She is an introvert, in the sense that she likes it better when shes just left on her own rather than surrounded by people, and she’s pretty apathetic about most things. Somewhere along the line she developed this “get over with it” outlook on life where she really just doesnt care about much besides just going to work which is what shes centred her life around. When compared to an animal, her anima is closest to a seadragon, except its white with colourful swirls.
  • Eve, Kim’s best friend and co-worker. She’s really happy-go-lucky and can always make Kim smile Her Anima is pretty owl-like, but more yellowish and orangey than most owls.


Kim is bored. Her life has just become boring and repetitive, it has almost become another task she has to get over with. she just doesn’t enjoy life anymore. Because of this, her anima dulls. It starts to lose it’s shape and it’s colourful swirls start to disappear. This drives her to change her life and learn to enjoy it.

What I’ve got so far is really kinda vague. I have the introduction and the conclusion, but i have to figure out all the inbetween bits like the climax.


What I need to do

I still have to write the rest of the story after I plan out the rest of the plot and figure out a title.

November 12, 2014
by celinad


I have two ideas that I might like to use in a short story.

One of the stories would focus on a girl who had just come of age to find her creature and would take place throughout her first day of having the creature. The girl would be extremely excited and would welcome the new creature with open arms while showing it her life and introducing it to all the people in her life. However in the background of the story, there would be various things mentioning the controversy and problems surrounding these creatures. For example, a news reporter talking about an abusive owner or protesters on the side of a road claiming they should be free.

The other story would be about an adult who has already had a creature for the majority of their lives. Some time throughout their life, they would have lost a lot of their dreams and hopes for the future and would have almost become drone-like, doing the same thing every single day. Because of this, their creature would dull in colour, start to lose its shape, and slow its movements, seeing as they grow and develop as their humans do. In a sense, it would be reflecting exactly whats happening to its human. Once the adult realizes this, they would freak out and might try to understand what is happening to the creature, before following their dreams or trying to enjoy their life in the hopes of helping their creature.

I will probably use the second story idea. I like the first one more but I think it could work better as a short film or a comic or something rather than a short story.

November 5, 2014
by celinad

Starting my 1st Inquiry Project

I am planning on writing a short story for my inquiry project. I have an idea and a general setting, but not many of the details yet.

So far, the story would be about a world where once a child reaches a certain age a strange creature comes to them. No one actually knows where these creatures come from, but they seem to be the representation of the child’s personality and dreams and they grow and develop as the child does. Children with similar personalities or similar dreams would have creatures that share some of the same characteristics, but other than that every single creature looks different.  The story might be about one of the children who is just receiving their creature or about an adult who has grown used to their creature and has some sort of problem involving it.

That’s the idea I’d like to go with right now, but I will probably make changes to it in the future.

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