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For our first tabletop game of the class, Follow, I was in a group of four with Tina, Kassandra, and Tiffany. We chose the ‘Dragon’ quest, which basically means our end goal was to slay some sort of beast. We ended up shaping the universe we were in around a corrupt fairy queen who,despite the corruption, still had the support of most of her people, and who could only be killed by a specific sword. After we got through some marshlands, into the fairy’s territory, and failed to get past some guards, we changed direction and headed towards the sword. My minor character, Honeycutt, was lost to the guards we encountered, after she shot some fairies with her bow and then distracted the guards so the rest of the party could get away. Kassandra’s minor character, Arthur (King Arthur who had been cursed by the fairy queen to live his life as a dog), followed some guards (invisibly, thanks to an invisibility spell courtesy of Tiffany’s character, Ivy) and stole the iron sword from the cave it was kept in. Arthur then brought it back to us and we proceeded to burn down a local village to lure the fairy queen out of her castle where my major character, Rook, stabbed her in the back with the iron sword.

In this game we all had to create two characters to play as, one major and one minor. My major character was a noble figure named Rook, who wanted a sort of revenge on the fairy queen, for her rudeness towards him, and also wanted some magical artifacts to bring home. Honeycutt, my minor character who died fairly early on, was a treasure hunter who Rook had hired to help him get into the fairy queen’s castle, given her past experience with this sort of thing. She wanted, not only to steal some of the many valuable artifacts that the fairy queen probably had hidden away, but also to learn more about their society, the general history behind a lot of these artifacts, it all sounded incredibly fascinating to her. It’s a shame she died.

We were also supposed to have our characters have some sort of relationship with the other player’s characters. Tina’s two characters were both at least slightly linked to mine, Soren was Rook’s servant (who got fired towards the end of our adventure) and Prynn was a treasure hunter, like Honeycutt, so it’s likely that they would’ve run into each other before. Tiffany’s character, Ivy, was a rebel fairy with certain magical abilities, which Rook was incredibly interested in. If Rook had somehow gained magical good looks from her, he would not have minded at all.

Overall, it was a pretty fun game to play. I’ve played tabletop/role playing games before, but they’ve always had some sort of GM involved or I was never in charge of the direction of the story. Collaborating with each other and hearing everyone’s ideas was surprisingly fun and something that I’m excited to do again.

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