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May 21, 2015
by celinad

Writing Prompt 7

“Choose another abstract idea, like love, anger, desire or greed. Write a poem based on two line stanzas that explores this idea, like Binyon’s poem explored the idea of hunger”




I was at the beginning of everything,

And I will persist till the end.

To some, seconds take hours;

To others, hours take seconds.

I am an ever-fleeting resource

And more valued than hoards of gold.

But I am also cursed by those who wait.

Cursed, and loathed.

I may bring life to the world,

But I bring an end to all things.

After all,

The sands of time consume everything.


May 11, 2015
by celinad

Inquiry 3

For my third inquiry I teamed up with Kassandra and Patrick to create a Sburb fan-session (Sburb being a video game that causes universes to be destroyed and created). So far we have planned out a lot of the smaller details of the session and have drawn outfits for each player and various scenes. In the future we will plan out a story, as well as some big events that could happen over the course of a session.

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