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Inquiry 2


What is your inquiry project?

For my second inquiry project I chose to expand on the iHub Reads project of creating a Utopia with Mackenzie. We’re taking the criteria that was listed and going into more detail, adding different features, etc.

What challenges have you faced? How have you overcome them?

So far the biggest challenge we have faced is related to the model of our city that we are in the middle of building. We chose to create a scaled down version of the city in Minecraft, being an extremely simple and fun platform to use. The main obstacle was working on the model together. We attempted creating a LAN world, with no success, and spent a good chunk of time trying to find an alternative. Thankfully, Harry is currently letting us use his Minecraft server to create the model.

What are your next steps?

The next steps towards finshing this project is mainly finalizing a lot of the details in our society and getting it all on paper. We have a pretty good general idea of everything we need, but still need to write everything down. Another step should involve getting people to ask the two of us questions about our society, as that can help us expand on any areas of the society we may have missed.

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